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If you need to learn more about ambient social networking then please let us explain the simple concept to such a revolutionary idea. The term derives from an “ambient network” when it made its appearance in the early 2000s. The goal is to create an infrastructure of interconnections above the local wireless systems to provide a connection between smart devices through each other into the outside world. Within this larger vision, at Blue, we relate it more or so to our lives as sociable beings, taking the literal meaning of networking into the real world.

Coming from an Internet of Things vision, our technology is here to revolutionize the way we connect, past the virtual world and into the real one. Virtual reality already exists, so how about we make it visible to the user when interchanging between online and real-life spaces to get to know our surrounding world a little better.

In times like today’s COVID-19 timeframe, it has been shown how people have lacked the receptiveness of caring for one another, yet that is what makes us as a society, progress.

By enabling the use of this technology to create genuine interactions past your phone screen, we tackle the issue of loneliness in an era when introducing yourself and meeting people doesn’t usually happen in-person. With our proprietary technology, we strive towards a forward-thinking, community-driven society where people are motivated to help one another and understand humanity on a deeper level.

From helping build communities to introducing you to the wireless realm into your physical world, at Blue we want to Build a of Friends™.

Ambient Social Networking

What is Ambient Social Networking?

Whether you are home or outside, wireless systems are different. Mobile or Bluetooth wireless waves must be combined into an infrastructure, explicit to the user. Social Networking. The scenario begins with a student who instantly connects to their school interconnection through a wireless signal exchange, where then after school moves on to play soccer and connects to the soccer interconnection; so on to continue the cycle through their whereabouts. As visualized in that scenario, an ambient network involves the presence of a digital environment that is receptive, flexible, and responsive to its users. Social Networking. The three basic principles that characterize this technology are ubiquity, transparency, and interoperability. This technology comes together through stream-efficient hardware and autonomous software protocols for communications. The hardware is adaptable and scalable to accommodate data processing resources that are energy-efficient and strong to transmit multiple computational tasks at the same time. Social Networking . The software protocols are adaptable to administer flexibility and spontaneity by supporting vertical handovers, transferring from node networks to accommodate to changing the type of connectivity to the supportive infrastructure, among wireless communication technologies. Any smart service and or software object that can connect to the infrastructure web must be named by intent. 

For example, ‘the nearest headphones,’ rather than by IP address, making it as transparent as possible to the user. Furthermore, such algorithms create divergent traffic to effectively route in response to certain application demands different from that of connectivity, computing power, and resources. Social Networking. Given the history of this technology, research continues as of today, to gain accessibility to a distributed net of surrounding smart devices on a daily basis, providing us with information, communication, and entertainment. Despite the technicalities behind this intensive technology, the progress that has been made today can be seen through our very own Blue Social platform.

Ambient Sociability

Blue’s Proprietary Technology

At Blue, our app derives from the principle of ambient social networking, to tackle the greater issue faced in an “interconnected” world, loneliness. Research has been shown time after time, how our reliance on technology has not only increased during the innovation of online media platforms but rather people are sticking to online communication instead of authentic in-person interactions. Social Networking recognized this was a worldwide phenomenon that required a solution and we were up for the challenge. Our founders then conjured the app we have today known as Blue Social. The app that allows you to turn on your networking mode, whether you are at a career fair event trying to find your next job, or just simply at the coffee shop looking to find a new friend, this product is for you. With the rise of media platforms becoming a favorable funnel for communication, we aimed to use tech for a communal good to use our product as a way to break the ice when introducing yourself to someone new. We understand how awkward such situations may be in a society where coming up to someone  be seen as weird.

ambient social interaction

At Blue, we bridge the gap between your online presence to the physical world to seamlessly connect with those around you. Our discovery mode allows you to find other people who also want to be social, which allows you to tap the person you’d like to talk to so they get a notification, thus breaking the ice through technology. Social Networking Through this exchange, you share your virtual identity to stay connected even after your interaction. Far too many times have we met people, and then after ending the conversation, we forget to ask for their information and go on about our days. Through our app, not only are you able to connect with people who are just feet away, but also exchange information as soon as you make contact, to create a connection that will last a lifetime. Further, supporting the idea to create a space where everyone is welcomed at all times while we strengthen community building. Social Networking,

However, our proprietary Auto-Networking technology drives past the vision of connecting just people as the Internet of Things is a corporal part of our company. With our technology, we hope to connect people to entities and innovate experiences with proximity marketing based campaigns, revolutionizing customer encounters everywhere. Not only will this be possible with our personal smart devices, but with our line of smart wearables, the options to connect will be endless. With the ability to maintain contact in real-time, our technology is innovative to the point where it can be disruptive for the meeting culture we are currently under with social media to incite behavior change.

As our future makes strides to an actual interconnected feeling, we ensure that your future is with Blue. Social Networking. Be part of the Blue Network, where you are bound to meet your next business partner, employer, friend, and or even romantic partner. The possibilities with our technology are limitless, allowing you to become part of a community like never before. Social Networking. Join us as we Build A World of Friends™ in a world that is yet to discover the true feeling of interconnectedness. 

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