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Are Fitness Trackers Worth It? Yes, If You Make Them So.

Fitness trackers are everywhere. If you consider buying one, you may be thinking about two key questions: “Can they help?” and “Is there one fitness for me?” Yes, they can help, according to Fitness trackers can tell you how many calories you’re burning, how many steps you’re doing,...
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How to Set Up a Fitness Tracker or Smartwatch?

A fitness tracker or smartwatch could help you to begin or further your fitness journey. It can log activities such as your steps and distances travelled, provide motivational prompts to stop you flagging, and help you stay on track to meet targets. If you’re new to the world of...
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What Are MX3 Coins?

MX3 coins are virtual currency, which can be used to apply as discounts or as full payment to orders made from or from our iOS app (the android app is currently not supported)....
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