How to Manage a Rodent Problem in your Home

Do you know how to manage a rodent problem in your area or at home? or Are you looking for the best pest control near you? You do a lot to take care of your home in order. It takes time, effort and consideration to detail, and the last thing you want is a pest problem […]

Signs That You Have A Rodent Problem At Home

Signs That You Have A Rodent Problem At Home Rat issues (rodents and mice) are influencing numerous homes in Canberra and different spots in Australia.  These are one of those dangerous nuisances for two reasons:  Illness transporters: They spread microscopic organisms and germs through numerous pee and dung.  Destroyers: They harm the material in your home. Rodents can annihilate anything […]

Termites Colony On Your Home

Termites Colony (Is Your Home Safe)           A termites colony can be a home owner’s worst nightmare – eating structural timbers at an alarming rate. In Canberra, termites are active throughout the year, but more so in the warmer months. A mature colony of subterranean termites can number 60,000+ and cause […]

Where do Fleas live in the House?


Unfortunately enough,fleas can find a number of suitable spaces in your home to live. Fleas thrive in dark, warm, moist conditions and you may guess where such areas in your home exist. Moreover, fleas eggs do not have a substance that allows them to stick to the host and they fall off it. Which means […]

Most Common Cockroaches in the Canberra ACT Area


A cockroach infestation in your home is not only repulsive, but potentially dangerous. Cockroaches can trigger asthma or eczema symptoms and also transmit diseases such as Salmonella, Staphylococcus, E. coli and parasitic worms. It might be difficult to tell if you have an infestation, because cockroaches are nocturnal and live in dark, warm, moist areas […]



HOW TO PREPARE FOR A TERMITE INSPECTION.Smart homeowners stay on top of termite control. A big part of termite control is keeping termites from invading your home, and the first step in accomplishing this is scheduling a termite inspection. So now that you’ve scheduled one, what can you expect? Are there steps you need to take […]

Pest Inspections & Termite Inspections

Termite Inspections

Termite Inspections, looking to purchase a new property in Australia, it’s important to get a combined building and pest inspection to check for any termite activity or damage. Termite Inspections Termites tend to avoid open air and bright lights, and as a result, their colonies are typically underground, out of sight or within wood materials […]

Control & Preventions of Rodents


GENERAL INFORMATION Control & Preventions of Rodents. Commensal (domestic) rodents live in close association with humans.These commensal rodents are nocturnal and tend to move indoors to warmer areas during late fall or early winter and return to the outdoors in late spring or early summer, or remain indoors if food and suitable harborage are available. Commensal […]

Signs Of Termites Infestation

Signs Of Termites Infestation

Finding signs of termites infestation is hard to detect from a novice eye because termites feed on woods and attack from the inside. It makes a nonprofessional thinks that the wood is in a healthy state. Common Signs of Termite Infestation Termites are hard to detect because they live in dark, humid, and protected places. […]

Increasing Pest Population In Canberra: Why Should Bother?

Pest Population

The increasing pest population is alarming nationwide in Australia & should be bothered by the “plague of mice” infesting the crops in rural east areas and home. The locals turned to intensive baiting programmes, but there is no success. The heat of summer and the hefty rainfalls could contribute to this increase. That is, climate […]