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Dr. Rey Galua

This five-storey building is equipped with a laboratory exhaust system and a scenielevator, which provides a safe and relaxed view of nature.  

It is designed to have different science laboratories inside as classrooms are situated on the ground floor while the laboratories are on the second floor to the fifth floor.  

Such a unique, efficient design and a nature-friendly Science Complex building brought to the world speaks volumes of how experienced, nature-loving, and talented Dr. Rey Galua.

With such an amazing man at the helm of the GALUA PLUS Architecture Design Studio, you can never go wrong with letting them work on your dream building and a house. 

Galua 1

The firm has proven its ability to handle different degrees of complexity with its involvement in many establishments- government offices, colleges, universities, commercial establishments, residential buildings, and several municipal & city master development plans and physical planning. In its years of keen service, the firm has been steadfast in delivering excellent service to its clients, and it remains consistent as it continues to operate in the field of architecture.

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Source: Dr. Rey Galua