Signs Of Termites Infestation

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Termites Infestation

Finding signs of termites infestation is hard to detect from a novice eyes because termites feed on woods and they attack from the inside. It makes a nonprofessional thinks that the wood is in a healthy state.

Termites are hard to detect because they live in dark, humid, and protected places. You will not even notice that they have invaded your property until you lean on a doorframe, and it falls off.

It is recommended to employ the expertise of the best Queanbeyan pest services to conduct an annual termite inspection. This is not only to check if termites are already there but also to prevent them by installing a barrier.

Common Signs of Termite Infestation

There are signs you can see or hear to recognize their presence, but mostly, we only see the damage and not the termites.

Listed below are some common signs of Termite Infestation:

  • Hollow sound on walls – Termites feed on timbers, and your walls are made of wood, this could be a possible target. If you knock on your wall and you hear a hollow sound, it might be termite operations in motion.
  • Door Jam deforms when pressed – When pressure is exerted on a structure made of timber, such as the frame of the doorway and baseboards, it gets deformed or looks warped. Termites feed on wood from inside while leaving just a thin layer of the material, which causes it to be easily damaged when pressed.
  • Door or window does not fit properly – When termites consume timber, their ‘mud’ confines heat and moisture which causes the wood to expand and hence to make the door or window to be out of shape.
  • Cracks in Door Jams or Cornice – Termites eat away the structural integrity of the timber. Therefore, as the termites devour the wood, it may cause cracks. Do not assume, immediately, when you observe that, know that termites are the root behind every crack in your doors and walls.
  • Termite Mud – You will notice that there is ‘mud’ tunnels in your house’s door jams or brick foundations. These ‘mud tunnels’ are created by the termites to protect themselves.

If any of the above signs are noticed, contact Queanbeyan Pest Control immediately on 0488 404 885 to have your property fully inspected. Our experienced technicians will recommend the best solution that suits the situation.

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