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We have been receiving a lot of calls regarding Termites in Queanbeyan. There has been an increase in their activities this season. And as Queanbeyan termite experts, Queanbeyan Pest Control is skilled and knowledgeable with regard to termite inspections and treatment. 

We use two types of termite inspection: thermal imaging and visual inspection. Thermal imaging is the most common inspection since more people are no longer risking it with the usual visual imaging. Household owners now are demanding thermal imagery for more accurate reports.

Termites in Queanbeyan

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Termites in Queanbeyan

Let’s face it, the human eye cannot see inside beams and posts and many times pest control managers cannot get on top of the roof due to wet weather or hard to crawl in spaces. And they write this on their reports. But tell me, how do you know that the very spots that were not checked did not contain the termites? You wanted to discover before they did the damage.

You see, a thermal imaging camera can pick up moisture which is a food source for the termite. This could save you as an intended buyer like seeing there is a plumbing problem before you sign on the dotted line.

Queanbeyan Pest Control offers both visual inspection and thermal imaging inspection.

But the thermal imaging is by far the more thorough of the two because it detects:

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