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We have info about the top ‌social networking apps ‌on the internet, because‌ ‌we are a new platform that lets you share them all at once, instantly! Do you remember life before your cell phone was smart? Before having all of the internet at the palm of your hand, people were dependent on more personal real-life interactions to get through their daily lives, having to wait until they got home or work just to plug into the world wide web and all of its resources. Our lives are infinitely more convenient today, and it’s safe to say that that has had an effect on who we are as consumers when it comes to our expectations.

How To Network With The Top Social Apps

With so many companies having spent billions on creating mobile-focused products and technology, we realized that there needed to be better ways for people to share all of that information at once. We draw inspiration from the traditional name tag with the intention of harboring safe intercommunicating environments in real life with our proprietary auto-networking technology. That’s great right? Well, the truth is that as cool as that may sound, we are nothing without all of the companies that utilize our platform to help promote their own, so we have listed below how to best take advantage of them for your connecting needs. Now let’s take a look at some of our best applications ranked from bottom to top.

Snapchat is perhaps not the best tool for business, but that does not mean that it can’t help boost your online portfolio when attached to all of your other profiles on the Blue platform. Snapchat is not designed for lengthy content, nor is meant to last as Snapchat leaves a window of only 24 hours max for people to view the content. Some may view this as an obstacle rather than a tool, but there are ways in which this can successfully play into your in-person marketing strategies. Snapchat is a great way to be personable for example because of the lack of traditional feeds or timelines, so your followers can stay in the loop and choose when they want to be informed about your company updates or latest content. Personal touches are great, but practicality is best so that places Snapchat at the bottom of the list.

top social networking apps


They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but what about a video? Youtube changed the game for people because they created a place online to store all of the videos that were being created with all of the new advents in video graphics technology. Networking Apps Youtube allows people to share pretty much anything- as long as it follows the Youtube guidelines of course, but how they have popularized internet personalities to the extent of Hollywood stardom in some instances and allowed them to gain from their monetized platform makes it a tool that could be enhanced by sharing in real life. Influencers in particular have a stake in using our technology to be discovered since capturing leads from their everyday lives can lead to a bigger following which they depend on. Not only that but sharing all of your platforms helps you gain a following from multiple sources. Because people have short attention spans, Youtube comes in at number 4.



Twitter is another site where you can leverage the power of internet virality and other people’s followings, especially if you are just starting out. Twitter is unique in that hashtags, retweets, and trending topics make it a reputable source for the latest news, which often beats out some of the best news outlets when it comes to the time it takes to reach the online community. Networking Apps In a networking setting, you can use twitter to connect with communities you are trying to reach that will display to those you meet in real life what you’re about. Tweets can give insight into how you think, the values you represent, and the subjects that interest you. Twitter’s capacity for vitality in under 280 characters makes it a powerful tool, but not quite powerful enough to make it to the top of the list. Networking Apps.



Instagram has transformed incredibly from its origins, as many of the features it showcases today were not integral parts of the platform at its inception. Networking Apps Videos were originally not uploadable, there were no e-commerce markets making use of the site, Snapchat-like daily stories were not part of it, and neither was the search bar or popular page. The platform has grown immensely as characterized by those new features, which makes it the optimal place to share not just who you are, but also to connect. Networking Apps. Instagram will be one of the first places people look to gage who you are because of how your profile tells your story. Blue is the only way that people you come across in real life can view that story before meeting you, which makes that introduction that much easier. The vanity associated with Instagram is problematic however, and that cost it the top spot on our roster. Networking Apps



One of the biggest platforms in the world, Facebook has come to lead in many aspects, and its sheer numbers alone make it a resource for business online as well as offline with Blue. Networking Apps Facebook stands out because it has become an entry point to link many accounts together through signing in to your Facebook profile. This represents a similar idea to what Blue is doing in that it provides a bigger idea of your overall online blueprint. Facebook in many respects can be considered the standard platform, because of its adoption by almost every demographic. The goal would be for Facebook community groups to set up events online that would be “powered by Blue”, where users can utilize our capabilities to not only break the ice but also the physical distance in the “new normal”, as well as seamlessly connect with Bluetooth low energy and our contactless Blue Smart Cards, to transmit the rest of your media handles and contact info. The fact that Facebook can lead to in-person interactions earned it number one because here at Blue, we believe there is nothing that compares to connecting in real life! Networking Apps


Share Your Online Social Networks With Blue

What’s great about the ‌Blue‌ ‌platform is‌ how we aren’t ‌meant‌ ‌to‌ ‌compete‌ ‌with‌ ‌these‌ ‌companies,‌ ‌but‌ ‌rather‌ we are part of this unique win-win situation where users get to put down their phones when they are connecting, because you’re not scrolling through a profile to gage who a person is, they’re right in front of you. Networking Apps We designed the platform so the human element can reclaim precedence over technology, which is the only cure for loneliness in what is ironically a more connected world. Networking Apps This is the problem of which Blue is the solution, so share some of the top social networking apps today!

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