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What are MX3 Coins?

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MX3 coins are virtual currency, which can be used to apply as discounts or as full payment to orders made from www.mx3.ph or from our iOS app (the android app is currently not supported).

How to earn MX3 Coins?

For every Php 100 worth of purchase, the buyer will earn 1 MX3 Coin (e.g, an item worth P99 will earn 0 coins, P499 will earn 4 coins). The shipping fee is not included in the computation.

A maximum of 5000 MX3 Coin can be earned every 24 hours (Equivalent to 500,000 worth of purchase)

Note: MX3 coin is for registered customers only. Register now!

How to use MX3 Coins?

You can use MX3 Coin as a discount on any order at the MX3 website and iOS app (1 MX3 Coin is equivalent to a P1 discount off your purchase).

MX3 Coin Spending Limit:

No daily limit
No weekly limit

If an order is returned, refunded, or canceled, MX3 Coin used during the purchase will be automatically refunded.

To use, turn on the toggle at the bottom of the Shopping Cart page to start spending MX3 Coin.

Why have I not received my MX3 Coins?

You will only receive MX3 Coin from orders made from our website (www.mx3.ph) or from our iOS app (the android app is currently not supported).

What happened to MX3Reward Points?

MX3Rewards is now MX3 Coin. Accumulated MX3Reward points will be equally converted to MX3 Coin.

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